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CRSES conducts studies to assess the potential financial impact of renewable energy technologies and how this might affect the market. These studies include the impact that rooftop photovoltaic installations might have on the utility business model.

Clients include:


CRSES offers support and flexible training on various renewable energy software. Training is suitable for installers, engineers, technicians, architects and researchers, and entails working through an existing project supplied by the client.

The following renewable energy software is relevant:

  • Power Factory (DigSilent)
  • Homer Pro and Grid
  • PVsyst
  • PolySun
  • TSol

Want to engage a thought leader or consultant for a general discussion? Tap into our expertise to help your business stay innovative and competitive. CRSES provides consultation to government and industry on a wide variety of renewable energy topics for better understanding and better application of these technologies.

Clients include: