11 October 2012


Minutes of meeting

Ocean Energy Potential and Research Projects at Stellenbosch,
Prof Wikus van Niekerk (Director: Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies, Stellenbosch University)

Role of the CSIR in Ocean Energy development,
Padhraic O' Connor (Coastal Engineer, CSIR Stellenbosch)

South Africa's OES participation
Dr Thembakazi Mali (Senior Manager of Clean Energy Solution portfolio SANEDI)


18 September '09


Opportunities offered by the IEA implementation agreements for ocean energy to South African research organisations and developers (Thembakazi Mali - Senior Research Manager Clean Energy, SANERI)

The importance of being patented - Patents and the role in the commercialisation of ocean energy devices (Rowan Joseph - von Seidels Intellectual Property Attorneys)

Ocean energy research in South Africa - Some lessons learnt (Deon Retief - Coastal Engineering Consultant)

CSIR's role in wave energy development in South Africa (Marius Rossouw, CSIR Built Environment)

The role of the coastal engineering consultant in harnessing ocean energy in South Africa (Geoff Smith - Associate of WSP Africa Coastal Engineers)

Axial flow turbines for ocean current and wave power system (Theo von Backström - Professor at Stellenbosch University)

Scotrenewables tidal turbine: A case study of developer/institutional collaboration within the Scottish Marine Renewable Energy policy framework (Rhydar Harris - Prestedge Retief Dresner Wijnberg Pty Ltd)

Recent developments in wave energy along the coast of southern Africa (James Joubert - PhD student at Stellenbosch University)

A novel wave pump energy converter (Edmund Swart - Inventor)


     21 February '08

Accelerating the Uptake of Renewable Energy
(Kevin Nassiep - CEO of SANERI)

Historical perspective on Ocean Energy in South Africa
(Prof Deon Retief - Retired)
Permitting and EIAs for wave energy projects
(Cobus Rossouw - ZLH Consulting Engineers)
Wave energy resource on the SA southwest coast
(James Joubert
- Stellenbosch University)
Eskom and Ocean Energy research
(Terence Govender
- Eskom Research & Innovation Dept.)
Financing of clean energy projects
(Christopher Clarke - Inspired Evolution Investment Management)
Budget Process and Application for Government Funding (Mahesh Fakir - National Treasury)
Pelamis wave energy converter
(Vincenzo Bellini - Pelamis Wave Power)
SEADOG Pump Technology
Mark Thomas
- CEO of Independent Natural Resources Inc.)
Some considerations on the utilization of wave power around South Africa (Hans Moes - CSIR)




Consenting Processes for Ocean Energy

Bulletin May 2014

Freak Waves & Tides Simulated in New Wave Tank