Research is the foundation of the Postgraduate Programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies, which purpose is to urgently and effectively address the need to support the development of a vibrant renewable and sustainable energy (RSE) industry in South Africa. To this end, the CURRENT RESEARCH efforts of CRSES, in collaboration with other leading research groups across South Africa and the globe, are directed to a number of priority areas through a hub and spoke model. A part of these research efforts, staff in CRSES and the collaborating research groups and institutions regularly identify AVAILABLE TOPICS, which are actively pursued with funding support, particularly through the BURSARY SCHEME that is administered.

The COMPLETED RESEARCH efforts that have been facility by CRSES have resulted in a number of research outputs that are both tangible and non-tangible. The tangible outputs are mainly in the form of PUBLICATIONS of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings, and completed contract research projects. Other outputs such as innovations, patents, policy documents, and commentary in the popular media are generated from time to time.

The non-tangible outcomes of the research efforts of the Postgraduate Programme include a growing awareness in government, industry and the broader community of the availability and potential of renewable energy sources, the importance of sustainable energy usage, and the responsibility to make lifestyle changes to reduce energy consumption. Thus, by coordinating the efforts of a number of research groups and organisations the available funding resources are better utilised to the benefit of the country.