Research into various renewable energy sources is done by different academic departments and research groups.
The completed research is listed below:



1. K RautenbachMEng Mechanical EngineeringR Swanepoel & R MeyerCharacterisation of a solar roof tile (SunSlate™)
2. KG AllenMScEngMechincal EngineeringDG KrögerPerformance characteristics of packed bed thermal energy storage for solar thermal power plants
3. RP DonkinMEng Mechanical EngineeringB Sebitosi & W van NiekerkPlastic photovoltaic roof tiles
4. AJ MeyerMScEngMechanical Eng, StellenboschTM HarmsSteam jet ejector cooling powered by low grade waste or solar heat
5. Lauren Beviss-ChallinorMEng Mechanical Eng, StellenboschR DobsonDesign, build and test a passive thermal system for a loft
6. Jurgen OlivierMScEngMechanical Eng, Stellenbosch TM HarmsTechnical and economic evaluation of the utilisation of solar energy at South Africa’s SANAE IV base in Antarctica

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7. JP PretoriusPhD Mechanical Eng, StellenboschTW von BackstromOptimization and Control of a Large-scale Solar Chimney Power Plant
8. Thomas FluriPhD Mechanical Eng, StellenboschTW von BackstromTurbine Layout for and Optimization of Solar Chimney Power Conversion Units
9. Mr Maurice MaliageMEng Mechanical Eng, StellenboschJL van NiekerkSolar thermal powered steam jet vacuum cooling
10. Mr Johan HeynsMScEngMechanical Eng, StellenboschDG KrögerPerformance characteristics of an air-cooled steam condenser incorporating a hybrid (dry/wet) dephlegmator
11. J CrozierMScPhysics, StellenboschE van DykCharacterization of cell mismatch in photovoltaic modules using electroluminescence and associated electro-optic techniques
12. P du PlessisMScEngERC, University of Cape TownDr B CohenThe Potential Of Solar Process Heat For South African Industry
13. JA OlivierPhDMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of PretoriaJ MeyerSingle-phase Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop inside Horizontal Circular Smooth and Enhanced Tubes with different Inlet Configurations for Transitional Flow
14. M HallquistMEngMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of PretoriaJ MeyerHeat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of smooth tubes at a constant heat flux in the transitional flow regime
15. L SmithMEngMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of PretoriaJ MeyerAn interactive boundary layer modelling methodology for aerodynamic flows
16. R SulimanMEngMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of PretoriaJ MeyerDevelopment of parallel strongly coupled hybrid fluid-structure interaction technology involving thin eometrically non-linear structures
17. S le ClouMScMechanical Engineering, University of KwaZulu Natal MJ BrooksA semi-passive thermal management system for terrestrial and space applications
18. J BeukesMComEconomics, NMMUM du Preez An Economic Analysis of Concentrator Photovoltaic Technology Use in South Africa: A Case Study
19. JD GerberMScPhysics, NMMUE van DykOn the Thermal and Electrical Properties of Low Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems
20. G WalkerMScEngMecahnical and Mechatronic Eng, StellenboschT v BackstromDevelopment of a low cost linear fresnel solar concentrator
21. MTF OwenPhDMecahnical and Mechatron Eng , StellenboschD KrögerAir-cooled condenser steam flow distribution and related dephlegmator design considerations
22. KG AllenPhDStellenbosch University Rock bed thermal storage for concentrating solar power plants
23. D GarachMEngMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Pretoria Prof J MeyerHeat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Microchannels with Different Inlet Geometries for Laminar and Transitional Flow of Water by D.V.
24. S LutchmanMEngStellenbosch UniversityMr P GauchéHeliostat Field Laypout Optimization for a Central Receiver
25. K MalanMEngStellenbosch UniversityMr P GauchéA Heliostat Field Control System
26. Holger Kretzschmar MScEngStellenbosch UniversityMr P GauchéThe hybrid pressurized air receiver (HPAR) for combined cycle soalr thermal power plants
27. Laurence SlannMScEngStellenbosch UniversityProf van NiekerkAn innovative microgrid solution for a large housing development in South Africa
26. Mike BrooksPhDStellenbosch UniversityProf T v BackstromApplication of a perforated shadow band to the decomposition of global solar irradiance
27. Paul GauchePhDStellenbosch UniversityProf T v BackstromSpatial-temporal model to evaluate the system potential of concentrating solar power towers in South Africa
27. Jan-Louis Janse van VuurenMEngStellenbosch UniversityProf F. DinterModelling, simulation and optimization of a solarised combined cycle with storage (SUNSPOT) with a focus on the configuration and control strategy.
28. Cebo SilingaMEngStellenbosch UniversityP GauchéScenarios for a South African Peaking CSP System in the Short-Term.
29. Nikkie KorstenMPhilStellenbosch UniversityA BrentAn investigation into the financial impact of residential Rooftop PV on Stellenbosch Municipality
30. Gerard Muller BekkerMEngStellenbosch UniversityCJ MeyerNumerical Investigation of Pressure Recovery in an Induced Draught Air-Cooled Condenser for CSP Application