POST DOCTORAL 250522 (2)

Postdoctoral Fellowship Bioenergy Engineering (1 post)
The role is aimed at research into bioconversion of wastes to value-added products. The
research fellow will conduct research on, but not limited to the use of microbial fermentation
processes with specic focus on biogas production. The key performance areas include:
Ø Theoretical and experimental studies on the methanogenesis of biodigesters.
Ø Investigation of suitable waste-based feedstocks for biogas production.
Ø Molecular characterization of mixed microbial consortia and identication of microbes
responsible for methane production.
Ø Bioprocess modelling and optimization studies.

Minimum requirements:
· Doctoral degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology or related Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Positioneld (obtained within the last
ve years)
· A minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the abovementioned research areas
· A track record of publications in DHET accredited journals
Expected outcome:
· Development of novel research
· A minimum of 4 publications in DHET accredited journals
· Mentoring of postgraduate students
Enquiries and details regarding this post, motivation letter, CV containing contact
details of two academic referees who have taught/supervised/mentored the
candidate, copies of educational certicates as well as ID copy may be directed to

Dr. Y. Sukai via email: and cc Prof. E.L. Meyer

CLOSING DATE: st 1 June 2022