Our expert lecturers and supervisors have qualifications in a wide range of fields including engineering, natural and environmental sciences, urban and regional planning, economics, law, political science, sociology and anthropology.

Prof Wikus van Niekerk

Professor Wikus van Niekerk is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Stellenbosch University. He holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering. He has a keen interest in renewable and sustainable energy and has been consulted by industry for many years as a registered professional engineer.

Prof Johan Beukes

Dr Johan Beukes holds the positions of extraordinary senior lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch since 1997 and of senior consultant at Eskom since 2001. His interests are in the fields of power electronics and its applications in power systems in general. These applications include renewable energy, rural electrification, power quality mitigation, stability and energy storage. He is a registered professional engineer and a member of the IEEE. He has authored and co-authored more than 60 national and international papers in the field of power electronics and applications.

Prof Johan Gorgens

Prof Johann Görgens is a senior lecturer at the department of Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University. He holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and has more than 10 years of research experience in bio-processing and fermentation with microorganisms.

Dr Natie Gule

Dr Nkosinathi Gule is a lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. His research interests are electrical machine design, electrical drives and grid integration of renewable energy sources.

Dr Jaap Hoffman

Dr Jaap Hoffmann is currently senior lecturer in the Thermofluids Division. He did his PhD on performance prediction on natural draft cooling towers under influence of atmospheric temperature inversions. During the 90s his attention turned to numerical simulation of dispersed two-phase flows. Recently his research focus shifted to solar-thermal energy. He was registered as Professional Engineer with ECSA (reg. no. 990334) in 1998.

Prof Maarten Kamper

Maarten J. Kamper received the MSc (Eng) and PhD (Eng) degrees from the Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 1987 and 1996, respectively. In 1989, he joined the academic staff of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Stellenbosch University, where he is currently a Professor of electrical machines and drives. His research area is computer-aided design and the control of reluctance, permanent magnet, and induction electrical machine drives, with applications in electric transportation and renewable energy. Prof Kamper is a South African National Research Foundation supported scientist and a registered Professional Engineer in South Africa. He is a senior member of the IEEE and acts as Associate Editor of the Electric Machine Committee of the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

Dr Martina Meincken

Dr Martina Meincken is a senior lecturer at the department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University. She holds a PhD in Polymer Science and a MSc in Physics and her research focuses on surface analysis and physical properties of (natural) polymers, which includes the conversion of biomass into energy.

Dr Johan Strauss

Dr Johann Strauss is a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He holds a BEng and an MScEng degree in Electrical Engineering. His main research fields are electrical energy systems and efficient energy conversion. For the past few years he concentrated in particular on free-piston Stirling engines/linear generators and photovoltaic systems.

Prof Johan van der Spuy

Prof Johan Van der Spuy is a Senior Lecturer in the Thermo-Fluid Division. He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa and is currently doing research on Turbo-machinery.

Prof Mark Swilling

Mark Swilling is a Professor in the School of Public Management and Planning, Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences. He is the Programme Coordinator for the Sustainable Development Planning and Management Programme, which includes responsibility for the Mphil in Sustainable Development Planning and Management, and the PhD programme in the same field. He has a PhD from Warwick University (UK) and his research and teaching is in the field of sustainable cities and neighbourhoods.

Prof Theo von Backstrom

Prof Theo von Backström is an Emeritus Professor and Senior Researcher in the Department of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. He holds a PhD from the University of Stellenbosch. Prof von Backström has a keen interest in turbomachinery and renewable energy and been involved in the design of process compressors, industrial fans, wind turbines and solar chimney turbines. He has authored or co-authored some of the most cited papers on solar chimney power plants, and has supervised research in the fields of wind, wave and ocean current power.

Prof von Backström is a registered professional engineer with the Engineering Council of South African (Registration number 710705) and has been practising as a consultant to industry for twenty five years. He has published 56 articles in refereed international journals and presented more than 60 papers at international conferences. He is rated by the National Research Foundation as a researcher who enjoys considerable international recognition.

Prof Johan Vermeulen

Prof Johan Vermeulen is an associate professor in Electrical Engineering at the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. He holds a PhD Eng in electrical engineering from Stellenbosch University. His research interests include Power Systems, High Voltage engineering, Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management and he is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Jako Volschenk

Jako Volschenk is a Lecturer in Environmental Finance at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. A number of guest lecturers from industry participate in the course as expertise in specific fields such as project finance, ecological economics, climate change, and alternative financing.

Prof Josephine Musango

Prof Josephine Kaviti Musango is an Associate Professor with the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University. She holds a Transdisciplinary Doctoral in Sustainable Development and Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics, both from Stellenbosch University. She has fourteen years’ experience as a system dynamicist. She is NRF-rated researcher and her ongoing research relates to the application of system dynamics modelling in managing change in resource and policy related challenges – especially in the energy, green economy and African urban resources issues. She is also the Research Group Leader for Urban Modelling and Metabolism Assessment (uMAMA) Research Team (www.umama-africa.com) at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transitions. Josephine was one of the Founding Members of South Africa System Dynamics Chapter, where she served as Organising Secretary and Vice-President. She is currently serving as an Advisor of the Chapter. She is also serving as a Policy Council Member of the International System Dynamics Society. She has published widely in peer-reviewed Journals and in international and local Conferences.

Dr Arnold Rix

Dr Arnold Rix is a senior lecturer at the department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering and holds the Scatec Solar Chair in Photovoltaics Systems at Stellenbosch University. He recently came from the utility scale solar industry, with experience in grid connection and grid code compliance as well as project management and project development. Dr Rix’s research focuses on solar PV systems, technology evaluation, solar PV grid integration and storage integration for grid support.