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The Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) acts as a central point of entry into Stellenbosch University for the general field of renewable energy. Some contract research projects are completed within CRSES while others end up in the other academic departments or research entities of the University. Stellenbosch University has a Division for Research Development that, in cooperation with the Finance and Legal Departments, manages all larger research contracts in the University, including those of CRSES. The University's financial statements are audited annually and the finances for CRSES are run in separate cost centres.

The strategic guidance, monitoring of the performance and governance of CRSES is bi-annually evaluated by a Management Board constituted in terms of the Agreement between the University and the Department of Science and Technology. The members of the Management Board were appointed in consultation with the DST and include members of different sectors, including academia, non-governmental organisations, industry, utilities and government. The Management Board meets at least twice a year to review annual budgets, and strategic planning and alignment with national priorities and international trends. The Board also evaluates the performance and outputs of the Postgraduate Programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies and advise the relevant authorities on the levels of funding, expected outputs and overall performance of CRSES and the Programme. An annual report is produced on the teaching, research and market transformation activities of CRSES. The report includes a complete set of financial statements with the income and expenditure detail of the past year and a budget for the following year.

CRSES reports via the Management Board to the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The management and administrative staff of CRSES are appointed by the Faculty of Engineering. CRSES is managed on a daily basis by the Director and Associate Director, assisted by a Management Committee, which needs to confirm appointments in CRSES as well as any expenditure that deviates from the approved DST budget. The administration of the degree programmes are handled by the administrative assistants and the other staff of the various departments and faculties integrated into the Programme who normally engage with student administration. As the proposed degree programmes follow existing structures in the universities any changes follow the normal route through the faculty boards and University Senate before it can be implemented. This ensures the academic integrity of the Postgraduate Programme and guarantees that a quality product is delivered to the nation.


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