Damoc Dissemination Conference
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25 March 2020

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Potential PV Penetration study in the Western Cape
Workshop Proceedings (MP4 file)

22 February 2019

WP 1 PV study Workshop

WP 2 PV study Workshop

WP 3 PV study Workshop

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Academic Initiative for Renewables - next project meeting at Stellenbosch University

16 – 20 April 2018

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The Role And Value Of CSP in SA

16 January 2017

Presenations and Consensus Statement

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Launch of the South African Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap (SA-STTRM)

19 March 2015

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SALGA - Peer Sharing Workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

25 November 2014


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SOLTRAIN II: Train the Trainer 2.

30 – 31 January 2014


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South African Energy Modelling Network (SAEMN).

29 December 2013

Open Colloquim
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SOLTRAIN II: Train the Trainer 1.

11 – 12 March 2013


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South African Energy Modelling Network (SAEMN).

31 July 2012

The first modelling colloquium was held at the Energy Research Centre, of the University of Cape Town, on the 31st of July 2012. Details can be found here.

The second modelling colloquium will be held at the Graduate School of Technology Management of the University of Pretoria. Details of this event will be posted here in due course.

Further enquiries can be directed to:
Prof Alan Brent
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SAWEC Workshop

29 November 2010

Kurt Wiesegardt: Training and education structures in the field of Wind Energy in Germany

Andreas Du Bois CWPC study 2002 - lack of manpower in Wind Power Sector

Wang Yang: Wind in China for South African Wind Energy Center

Dieter Sommer: Further training

Wang Weisheng: National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC) of China

Andreas Du Bois China Wind Power Sector- RSA

China Wind Sector RSA
China Wind Power Center
General Wind Problem Map2
Wind Sector Situation Map Partners
Task Brain Storm

Wikus van Niekerk: SAWEC
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Political Decision Makers Discussion session of the SOLTRAIN

13 August 2010

Werner Weiss:

1) Status and achievements of the SOLTRAIN Project

2) Using the potential of solar thermal systems to save electricity

3) Governments role in driving solar water heaters

4) Renewable Energy Market Transformation(REMT) Project

5) Enabling municipal and national framework required to mobilise SHW in municipalities & local government

6) Cape Town's solar water heater initiatives

7) International co-operations - New opportunities

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Solar Resource Assessment

17 – 18 February 2010

Carsten Hoyer-Klick:

1) Introduction to Resource Assessment Workshop

2) Potential of concentrating solar power in South Africa
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Solar Thermal Systems Training Course:

21 – 22 January 2010

Werner Weiss

1) Thermal use of Solar Energy manual

2) Repetition

3) System concepts design principals

4) Design of solar thermal systems - calculations

5) Collector Hydraulics

6) Lay-out - high and low flow

7) Expansion vessels, heat exchanger

8) D Palmer Systems monitoring

9) Dimensioning of solar thermal systems

10) Solar-supported heating networks

11) Assisted producers application form

12) Demonstration systems application form

13) Notes - application and co-financing
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